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Core Technologies:

ZOTS™ Circuitry
Xstream™ Dataflow
XADA™ Mixed Signal Process

Zero Overhead Context (Task) Switching and Scheduling
All interrupts are directed to the ZOTS™ hardware, which manages information for each task. Tasks are initialized with different priorities, ramp at different rates and are managed and monitored on each clock cycle. The processor is given a task only when it becomes the highest priority for the system - resulting in close to 100% processor efficiency.

Easier Software Design; Faster Time to Market,
Improved SOC Product Life Cycles

With ZOTS™ technology, code can be written in smaller blocks and processed when needed. Complex, loop ridden code is history! Smaller, more efficient code translates directly to improved time to market and longer product life cycles. With almost 70% of most design costs wrapped up with software development, improvements here translate quickly to the bottom line.

The patented Xyron technology is both modular and scalable and can be used to control several microprocessors as easily as one. The technology also supports industry standard instruction sets to ease integration into next generation designs.

Xstream™ Internal interconnect architecture
Switching tasks with zero overhead puts an extreme burden on memory management. Data needs to be handled at high speed and efficiently - get it in, get it processed and get it out.

Xstream enables:

  • Asynchronous data transfers data within an embedded design.

  • High throughput connection between data sources of different bandwidths

  • Efficient data transfer between IP blocks

  • Self-managed data and data-driven processing

Xyron System on Chip designs will have higher performance and efficiency at reduced costs and power consumption - a combination that is unique in the embedded design industry. This is an ideal structure for high data rate, processing intensive, applications such as telecommunications, real-time video delivery and embedded controllers.


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